Red Cross locally

Apart from being the performer of “Vi Ses! Språkvänner I Linköping” Linköping södra Red Cross has many other related activities that might be of interest. If you are interested in trying out being a volunteer at any of our activates, you can contact Vi Ses and we’ll ask the person in charge for the activity to contact you. Send an e-mail and call us if you are interested in knowing more/apply to volunteer.

Second Hand-Stores

In our three second hand-stores, donated goods are sold, and the profit is used to finance our operations locally, nationally and globally. The volunteers are working with sorting the donated goods, setting prices and working at the check-out. You will find the stores in Linköping centrum – Nygatan 11, Berga centrum and Skäggetorp centrum. You will find the opening hours here.

Would you, at your place of work, like to collect money to donate to the Red Cross? More information will be found here.


Language Café

The language cafes are for training Swedish in a relaxed environment. The participator may just show up, no prior registration is required. Volunteers, however, should register first.


Plats: Röda Korset, Repslagaregatan 8
Tid: Måndag 16:00-17:50, Tisdag 15:00-17:00, Onsdag 17:00-19:00


Plats: Röda Korsets second hand-butik, Skäggetorps centrum
Tid: Måndag-Torsdag 17:00-18:30

Plats: Skäggetorps bibliotek
Tid: Onsdag 10:30-11:30


Plats: Bergas kyrka
Tid: Onsdag 15:00-17:00


Plats: Lambohovs kyrka
Tid: Tisdag 17:30-19:00


Parents who want to train Swedish, but have younger children they can’t leave at home, can come together with their children to the mum/dad-child group.

The group meets at Tuesdays and Thursdays in Skäggetorp. Registration required.


Homework Help

The red cross is organising help with homework. Volunteers from the red cross is working at approximately 10 different schools in Linköping to help all students who need support with their homework. Prior registration is needed for the volunteers.

Homework help with Swedish
Place: Röda Korset second hand store, Skäggetorp centre
Time: Monday-Thursday 17:00-18:00

Homework help
Time: Monday-Thursday 16:15-18:00


First Aid-Group

The first aid-group is hired to be prepared for event such as concerts, sports events and public festivals. The volunteers are educated in first aid with serious as well as minor injuries and conditions.



One of the red cross’s most essential sources of income to fund relief work is collection.  The task of the volunteers is to collect money in the city and at events and tell everyone how the money is spent in the red cross’s work in Sweden and the rest of the world.


Family Reunification Group

This group helps people, who have fled war and catastrophes, with research of missing relatives, travel support and family reunification.


 Red Cross Youth Union

This is for youths in Linköping. At Mondays, they arrange a language café and activities. At Tuesdays, there is homework help. Activities in both days are at 18.00-20.00.


Local Emergency Preparedness in Linköping

At an emergent situation in the municipality of Linköping, the members of this group are volunteering. The crisis workers take care of people who feel bad due to the crisis and who need support.


Visiting Activities – the Elderly

Our volunteers visit retirement homes to talk, fika and make handcrafts with the elderly. These visits brighten the day both for the elderly and the volunteers.


Information Group

This group presents the Red Cross’s national and global project at schools, companies and organisations. They also spread knowledge of international rights and humanitarian rights.