Pop-Up Language Café

Simple, nice and important one time occasion at your work place where you, with our help, will host a language café. The only thing you have to do is to decide a time and date when it suits you, tell you collegues and make some coffe. perhaps it will be convenient at your Friday fika, directly after working hour or as a nice element during an education? You’ll choose how many guests you would like to invite. We’ll do the rest; invitations and set-up! See our poster here.


What is a language café?

As newly arrived in Sweden, the language cafés are a way to practice day-to-day subjects with people who speak Swedish. It will become especially valuable to visit companies, meet professional workers and learn to make connections with people. You and your collegues make a significant effort by devoting some of your time to talk about everyday things. In addition, it is instructive and interesting. You can talk to people who came to Sweden and Linköping for many different reasons. Let them tell you what they believe is good and less good about Sweden. How does the state of governamnt work and all the unwritten rules we live by? You can also tell your guests about your work, what you do in your spare time and straighten out the question marks that the languageists have.


The participants (hired + the ones who wants to speak swedish) will be divided into conversation groups while having a fika. Some ideas of topics to talk about are handed out and the participants may change groups after half the time. The ones who want to practice Swedish will be people who have signed up to meet a swedsih-speaking language friend within the project Vi Ses! Språkvänner I Linköping. There are, however, a lot more newly arrived in the country who has signes up for the project than people who are already established in Sweden, which is why Pop-up language café is a part of Vi Ses! Språkvänner I Linköping – to create mote platforms where people can meet.


Example of a Pop-Up Language Café

Sankt Kors have invited 10 persons who wants to practice Swedish to their Friday fika the 9 of February. They will offer coffe and sandwiches. They have told the employees to spare 1 hour and 30 minutes to sit down and talk to their guests. Pop-up language café is a part of Sankt Kors staff benefit. They let all their employees be language friends at work hours and moreover offers lunch for both parts!

Stångåstadens 55+ residents have invited 10 persons til visit their afternoon fika where the residents gather to socialize and take part of new information. They offer coffe and cookies.


Would you place of work like to try this? Send and e-mail to vises.linkoping@redcross.se or call the project leader Elin Bom at 0763 38 78 83.

We work according to your conditions and wishes!