Language friend stories

Kafiya and Lena met for the first time in March. In the beginning, it was hard for them to find time to meet, so they kept in touch through e-mails. They got to know each other better and eventually found common interests. Since a few months back, they are now meeting at least once a week! For instance, at libraries and language cafés. They are doing homework, practicing Swedish and socializing. Last week they went on a trip to “flygvapenmuseum” along with the other language friends.

After the guiding at the museum they had coffee with all the other language friends, young and old. Kafiya and Lena don’t see the age difference as an issue. They laugh a lot and say that they always have fun together!


“To begin with, I thank Vi Ses who helped me find a Swedish friend. We met several times and all the meetings where successful and comfortable. We used to meet at cafés and fika together. We also went to Arab Grill in the city. We also went to several different places in the city. We walked and met close to his work and had some fika. Out conversations were about different social and cultural subjects and the history of out cultures. I am finally very happy with these meetings and are waiting for more of them”.

Greetings from Yasir and his language friend Ola.


“It was a pretty stiff atmosphere between my family and our language friend-family; the conversation didn’t really get started. We have met twice now whereof one of the occasions were at our language friends place. We were offered arabic food and a lot of desserts. For us, it was entirely new, we didn’t know how many cookies we were meant to take; if it was unwise to say no or if we ate too much. It was very exciting and we have learned more about their culture and we also got to visit a family who lives in Skäggetorp, which we never had the chance to do before. Now I realise that when I think about Skäggetorp as an area, I don’t see the people as a homogenous group, but as unique families and people living there”

Anonymous established language friend