Language lunch in Ebbepark

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Welcome to lunch and conversations across cultural boundaries!

Språkluncherna lets new and established Swedes meet in a relaxed setting for everyday life conversations, with topics such as holidays, food or pets. 

Språkluncherna is an opportunity for you who are new in Sweden to practice your Swedish. Do you feel insecure about your Swedish skills? Don’t worry! It’s perfectly fine to speak English or just listen to the conversation around the table. Meeting people is what’s important and you are welcome!

You who are established in Sweden make a valuable contribution to integration. And no matter who you are or where you are from, we guarantee meaningful meetings with others.

The lunches, arranged by Sankt Kors and Språkvänner in Linköping, are free of charge and open for anyone. 

At Spektrum Fridtunagatan 41, Eat & Meet, level 4

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