Participating organisations

A participating organisation is a company, organisation or person that wants to actively work and support the project. To become a participation organisation an agreement with “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping” will be sign to declair how to contribute. The participating organisation might use its own channels to enlist interested, volunteers and participants. It might also independently organise activities for “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping”.

It will be part of “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping” as a “participating organisation” and partake in the project’s consultation meetings.

Interested to become a participating organisation? Send an e-mail to the project leader –

Current participating organisations

Linköpings Södra Rödakorskrets

Linköpings kommun

Linköpings Stadsbibliotek

Linköpings Kristna Råd

Equal Rights for Integration


Do you want to help market this project?

We are grateful if you help spreading the possibility to participate in “Vi Ses! Språkvänner i Linköping”. We target everyone living in Linköping municipality and our goal is that all inhabitants will know of the project to have a possibility participating.

If you want you may print out our poster and, for example, put up at your workplace, place for eduction or organisation. Maybe you want to share it to friends and family? “Vi Ses!” are very grateful if you would like to help. It contributes to that more people may become language friends.

Thank you for your help!

Greetings “Vi Ses!” och our happy language friends 🙂

Friend companies

A friend company is a company, organisation or person that supports the “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping” project in the form of a yearly contribution of 5 000 SEK/year, alternatively a work effort or product of equal value.

The friend company may use the “Vi ses! Språkvänner i Linköping” logo and talk about its involvement in its own channels.

The friend company will also be listed on the project’s home page, (see below).

Interested to become a friend company? Mail us at


Current friend companies

Skäggetorp Fastighetsägarförening

Sankt Kors