Every month there is an activity organized by ”Vi ses!”. The activity is open to all language friends. This could be an opportunity to meet with your language friend and explore what Linköping has to offer! The activities are free and participation is voluntary.



In September, 30 Språkvänner went on a guided tour on easy swedish at Flygvapenmuseum. The tour was one hour long and we saw hot air ballons, helicopters, air planes from the past until todays construction. We listened to the guids exciting stories like the story about first time an air plane successeded its flight. A common Fika was given after the tour and the group was also encouraged to explore the museum by themselves. 

The trip was a way for language friends to meet other language friends which was appriciated. Moreover was those that are waiting to get a language friend invited to the museum to have the abbility to meet swedish speaking and practice swedish on the tour. 


Picknick together with the library 

A sunny and beautiful day in June, Linköpings Stadsbibliotek invited all the Språkvänner to a picknick in the green area outside of the library. In easy swedish, the librarians gave tips of books a person who learn swedish easily can read. Thereafter, fika and games was appriciated. A relaxed and funny way to meet other Språkvänner. People who are waiting to get a språkvän was of course also invited and took part of the tips from the librarians.  


Minigolf och tipspromenad

Linköpings Kristna Råd invited all Språkvänner and those that are waiting to get a språkvän to play miniature golf a sunny saturday afternoon in May at Ryttaregården. 30 people attended the event and they played together, went on a quiz walk and ate home baked cookies. Appriciated according to the Språkvänner!